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Plumbing is one of those services you will need from time to time. Many people are stressed when they have a plumbing problem because they know how expensive repairs can get. One of the worst things you can do when you have a plumbing problem is ignoring it and telling yourself you will have it dealt with later. Below are some signs that you need to call a Long Island plumber.

The longer you take to fix the problem, the worse the damage, and the more you are going to spend to have it fixed. You should always be on the lookout for signs of plumbing problems and call us for a Plumber Long Island!

Signs That You May Need To Call A Plumber

If you keep hearing gurgling sound when you use your shower, toilet, or when running a dishwasher or laundry, then it could mean a problem. If the sound is persistent even when not using the shower or toilet, it could mean a more serious problem.

The gurgling sound usually comes because the plumbing system is trying to find air, and this can end up causing the backing up of water. If you hear the sound, make sure you call a plumber who will find where the problem is and fix it.

If at any time you smell gas in any room of your home, then never ignore it. Gas is usually mixed with a scent to make it easier for people to know when there is a leak. If you get that smell, then it could mean a gas leak.

The most important thing to do is calling a plumber and the gas company so that they can shut it down. Turn off switches and appliances in your home to avoid damage because of the leaks from pipes. A spark from the bulb can easily cause an explosion.

If you keep hearing water running in your pipes or toilet even when not in use, it could be a sign of a leak. Have a closer look at your walls, ceiling, and floor and see whether there are any wet or brown spots.

The spot can also be warm if the leakage is in the hot water pipe. Turn off the heater then see whether the meter is still spinning. If this happens, call a plumber so they can prevent further damage.

This problem is usually a result of gunk building up in the aerator of the faucet. To solve the problem, screw it off. If you do this and the problem persists, then call a plumber because the problem might be an eroded waterline or fractured pipe.

DIY is not a good idea because you will end up making things worse.

If the pipes are clogged or the bathroom or kitchen sinks, take more time to drain even after using a plunger, don’t try fixing it yourself because you can easily damage the pipes. Call an experienced plumber who will then deal with the problem.

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